It has been in flames for months.
The damage is huge. Many died, many injured. People and animals.

I read the news every day and pray for rain, pray to stop it!
I feel like I’m tied up with Australia on an invisible thread and I can’t erase the images of destruction in my head. My stomach is clenched and I have to cry.
I am far away geographically, but my soul feels the pain what all living beings feel there.
So far I’ve been thinking about how can I help.

In one facebook group where I am too, January 2020 challenge was also koala painting.
I did not think, just went after my feelings and took a picture. It received a lot of comments, it caused huge emotions!
Look here! >>
And then I realized that I can help with this!
The original picture will be auctioned and 100% of the bid will be offered to Australian animal rescue.

I am still looking for the format I can best help with this image, which auction site would be most appropriate …
I also welcome suggestions if anyone can help with this. Please-please leave a comment with advice, how can I organise this act!
Thank you all of us!

The pic has A4 size, watrecolour on paper. I want to frame it too.

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